The Still Cone Dhoop

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A Breath of Himalayan Freshness: Incense Created from Pure Mountain Herbs

Ethical Incense handmade in Nepal,

 Ingredients sourced from Nepal,

 100%  natural incense 

Benefits of The Still Rosemary Dhoop 

  • Relaxing aroma eases stress.
  • Sharpens focus and clarity.
  • Clears negativity, revitalizes.
  • Enhances memory, and cognition.
  • Inspires spirituality, protection

Weight 1 Pcs : 2 gram  Burning time per piece : 30 min approx Package contains: 30 pcs  Total  weight: 75 gms



Juniper Tree



Nt weight: 50gram

 No added synthetic flavors, Chemical Free, Non-toxic

Please use in a safe ventilated space with a incense holder