Seasons' fruit freshness in a bowl

While we tried different sweet craving recipes at home in the lockdown period, some recipes became our favorite and it would be totally unfair not to share it with the rest of everyone. Amongst the easiest recipes to make at home, specially during summers, we fell in love with the fruit of the season even more with this recipe.  

Creamier than any ice cream at the store and without any artificial flavoring, we are going to share the recipe of hand churned mango ice cream. This recipe is effortless and doesn't require any equipment. A three ingredient recipe that makes the best fruit ice cream, all you need is Mangoes, cream and condensed milk. 


Mangoes 5 - 6 mangoes (ripe) or 2 cups of mango pulp 
Whipping Cream 1.5 cup
Condensed Milk ¾ cup 


  • Scoop out the mango and use a sieve to get rid of any fibre
  • Grind the mango in blender using little water to make it a puree
  • Simply add the measured condensed milk to the puree and mix well 
  • Check for sugar, if you require the mixture to be sweeter, you may add some powdered sugar 
  • Use a whisk to whip the cream, whip until the mixture feels light and airy and gives a nice soft texture
  • Add the mango mix to whipped cream little by little and fold well
  • Keep folding the mixture so as to retain the fluffiness of the cream
  • Put the mixture into a glass or a metal container, you may also add some chopped mango pieces and mix it using a spoon
  • Cover the mixture with a cling film and let it set in the freezer for minimum 4 hours

Your mango ice cream is ready in no time, using no machines, without any artificial flavoring and without the hassle of calling for ice creams at home.  We have tried many recipes using mango puree and by far this has to be the most fun and yummy recipe of all.

Serve the ice cream in a bowl and add some more chopped mango pieces on top. Enjoy the freshness of this mango season with this refreshing hand made ice cream.