We are launching Alter/Native by Né Nepal!

Ne Nepal has always been a place where traditional art and craft adorn contemporary spaces, where ancient stories are given a modern retelling. We celebrate Nepali artists and craftspersons who not only bring to life beautiful pieces of art and tradition but also create dialogue and an affinity towards local heritage.

Our mission has always been to provide a platform for traditional art to be given its rightful space in the modern era. Now, we want to dive deeper into expressions of art that veer from the traditional, veer from the tried and tested, to create an identity that is powerful, free, and well, Alter/Native.

Alter/Native is a series by Né Nepal to feature Nepali creative talent ranging from visual artists, craftspersons, musicians, to writers to share their journeys and how they are welding together their own heritage with contemporary forms of expression. At the root of Alter/Native is the need to provide a space for budding artists from all over Nepal to feel validated with the traditions, communities, and art they grew up with. We see the need to create dialogue to support artists who continue to pass traditions along, sometimes as is and sometimes with their own retellings. In the same way, we want to showcase those who want to experiment with complete new forms the arts seldom seen in Nepal.

Needless to say, we have in store for you a plethora of talents who have such unique narratives and visions of what modern Nepali art and craft can be and how tradition can influence them. We are thrilled to support our local artists and the vibrant world they open up to all of us.

Welcome to the Alter/Native family.
Project co-ordinator & director @pratikshasd
Series branding & all creatives @create.elements @dipesh.shrestha
Cinematography @sanzeeta_moctan