In conversation with Anil Prajapati | Stoneware Artisan in Nepal | Meet the Makers


Né Nepal work with many talented artisans all over Nepal who create the unique handcrafted pieces. In our "Meet the Makers" series, we bring you the inside stories of these artisans to help you know our community better. This blog covers the story of one of our talented artisans Anil Prajapati, the stoneware artisan.

What’s your name?

 My name is Anil Prajapati.

What is your age?

I am 38 years old.


Where are you from (city/town/community)? 

I am from Lalitpur district, 44600,Nepal.

Which products did you make?

We make stoneware products - plates, cups and bowls etc. all handmade.

How and when did you learn your craft?

I have been involved in this craft since 1991 (30 years back). This is what my family has been doing for generations and hence I learnt the craft and am wholly involved. 

What space do you work from? (House, workshop, yard etc.)

We have our own space and workshop from where we work. 

Where do you get your materials to create your craft? (Ex. Brass)  

We get our materials from regional districts like Thimi and Dang in Nepal.

What’s your favorite thing about creating your pieces?

We are continuously learning with every new piece we create, we love to experiment and create new pieces and enjoy the uncertainty that comes with it. 

What is your least favorite part? 

We hear many say that what we do is not relevant or sometimes people even disregard what we do saying things like ‘ it is just a clay pot and it cannot contribute to economic growth compared to other professions’, I feel disappointed and sometimes even upset about this perception that people hold against artisans who work in the pottery industry.

What inspires you to create?  

The lifestyle and the culture inspires me to create the pieces. Also, I am really enthusiastic to work with the new technology as well.

Do you work alone or with others?

I have a group of 8 employees working with me.

How long does it take you to create one piece (on average)? 

It takes an average of a month to create even a single glass. (From molding, wheel to firing) 

Who do you think will wear/use your creation? Do you have a message for them?

The people who understand the value of the handcrafted products and want to buy something sustainable will buy our products. I would like to say, they should use our products because they are environmentally friendly and hygienic and by buying Nepalese products they are promoting Nepalese handicrafts.

What is your biggest dream?

I have a dream that I will reach out to many people in future through my products and use modern technology to create new products every time.

Team Né Nepal is proud to have Mr. Anil Prajapati as one of our artisans. We wish him the best in all his endeavors and also wish his dream to reach out to many people through his work comes true.

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