Top Picks by Shreya |NN Team Picks | Handmade Jewelry in Nepal

Meet Shreya Chochchhe, a fashion design intern at Né Nepal. With her creativity and an eye for fashion and details, she brings exciting perspectives into the room and helps the brand in jewelry design. A believer in the “Wabi - Sabi” philosophy, she likes to find beauty in imperfection and her fashion choices are also inspired by the same.

In Frame : Shreya Chochchhe

In this blog, we bring you top-picked earrings by Shreya. Here are her top 5 favorites from Né Nepal Jewellery, handcrafted by the artisans of Nepal.

Badal Cut Studs

A minimal stud with an artistic cloud cut, Badal cut studs are one of her top picks because she loves the inspiration behind them.  The piece is inspired by the “Zen of Detachment” which reflects the transitional nature of the cloud and conveys the existence of impermanence in life.

Asha Earrings

Asha Earrings are basic yet a statement piece. In the words of Shreya, “Asha earrings are very minimal and do not display any drama, yet do their job of making one’s look significant”.

Pahad Studs

Just like the name of it, Pahad studs are inspired by the hills and mountains of Nepal. She loves how this piece is connected to nature and gives you the feeling of home.

Parikrama Hoop

Parikrama Hoop is one of the signature pieces of Né Nepal jewelry inspired by the heritage and corners of Nepal. This versatile piece goes with any outfit and occasion you want to wear.

Coiled Hopes Earrings

Similar to the thorns in an array of blossoming flowers, these coiled hopes earrings are the metaphor for life, a life that is a mix of both hope and sorrow. Shreya loves these earrings for its floral design and also for their message.

All in all, the top picks by Shreya are appropriate for daily wear that swiftly enhance any regular looks. Which one is your favorite from this list? Let us know in the comments or DM us on Instagram if you’d like to talk to us.