Top Picks by Merina | NN Team Picks | Handmade Jewelry in Nepal

Meet Merina Maharjan, a fashion design intern at Né Nepal. Quiet and calm in nature with a creative mind, she has an eye for visual aesthetics. She has an inclination for minimalism, and her jewelry choices are also the same. 

In frame : Merina Maharjan

In this blog, we bring you the top picked necklaces by Merina that are minimal, stylish, and suitable for a regular day at work or a day out.

Maya Sikri with Charms

Maya Sikri with Charms, a handmade imperfect link chain is perfect on its own. Merina sees it as a simple yet stylish piece, just like herself.

Bhumi Pendant

Bhumi Pendant, inspired by the beauty of imperfections & our co-existence with nature, is one of her favorites because it is minimal and elegant.

Phool ko Mala Necklace

Phool ko mala necklace which is subtle yet meticulously handcrafted, Merina loves this piece for its fine art details.

Bhava Pendant

Bhava is translated to emotions in English. Just like all kinds of our emotions matter, she finds this piece perfect from every angle. She is fascinated by how interesting the necklace looks. 

Pata Necklace

Pata necklace which is inspired by nature, Merina sees this necklace as an artistic piece. She finds this piece unique, minimal, and intriguing for someone from a creative background. 

So, these are the top picks of our fashion intern, Merina. We are happy to know her choices and would like to know which ones are your picks too. Let us know what are your favorite pieces and DM us on Instagram if you’d like to talk to us.