Hibiscus and its true beauty

Hibiscus, beautiful big bloomy flowers, found in multiple altitudes of our beautiful country that are ornamental to the magnificent greens of any landscape. The giant flowers can be spotted in the backyards, the garden, the blooming trees, and a lot more on ceremonial plates for any Nepali festivities. 

With its undeniable blossoming beauty the flower also holds a number of health benefits which has been a part of multiple cultures across continents for many years now. Going back to our backyards and jungles to find the purest form of nutrition and wellness, the hibiscus flower surely is a treat to anyone looking for the best. 

A goldmine of health benefits, let's dive deeper into what the flower has to offer. 

Found in multiple colours and range of sizes the most popular out of the lot is the red flower that is used for multiple medicinal purposes. 

The easiest way to consume hibiscus is to make tea or a cold beverage with a simple procedure of putting the petals to boil after removing the green part attached to the flower and also ensuring the absence of the stamen while thoroughly cleaning the petals with water. 

There is no prescribed amount in which one must consume hibiscus however a cup of tea a day is a great way to rejuvenate oneself and take benefits of every bit of nutrition. 

Naturally, the extract of the flower is calorie and caffeine-free and contributes to the top health benefits as below: 

Immunity and digestion booster, rich in Vitamin C and home to antibacterial properties hibiscus helps avoid basic contraction of cold and flu. One may also consume hibiscus when one's immunity has been compromised to get a good boost. 

Reduces stress levels, studies have shown that polyphenols in the hibiscus helps reduce the cortisol levels which essentially are the stress hormones 

Healthy skin, hibiscus is also known as an anti-aging plant that helps the skin feel healthier, younger, and fresher. The plant helps purify the skin while breaking down dead skin increasing cell rejuvenation. 

Hibiscus tea helps lower the sugar level and controls the blood sugar level of the body. It is also known to have anti-cancer properties. The plant also takes care in weight loss and improves fat absorption. 

In a nutshell, the plant is not only delicious to consume but also can easily be enjoyed directly in your kitchen without any discomfort.