Things to do in Nepal - June!

June is normally one of the quietest months in Nepal. Except for a few cultural festivals that celebrate farming, most of the time is either the hottest time of the year or the start of early monsoon. Still, there are lots of arts activities happening this month that you might surely want to check out.

Top Notch Comedy
Get ready to laugh like never before! KTM Live Entertainment is bringing popular stand-up comedian Harsh Gujral to make your evening filled with laughter along with Seema Golchha and Aayush Shrestha.
WHEN: JUNE 9, FRIDAY, 5 PM onwards
PRICE: Rs. 1500-2500 from Khalti.


Cult Film Showcase 
ShankyTalksFilms, an Instagram blog by Shashank Shrestha, has been organizing fortnightly screenings of cult films followed by discussions and sharing of trivia of the movie.
WHEN: JUNE 11 & 25, 6:30 PM onwards

Exhibitions at Windhorse Gallery
Windhorse Gallery is organizing two different group exhibitions in June, one with a group of students (June 14 to 17) and the other with a group of international artists (June 22 to 24).
WHEN: June 14-17/June 22-24
WHERE: Windhorse Gallery, Jhamsikhel 

Ropai Festival
The only cultural festival that takes place this year in June is Ropai Festival, aka, the day to eat dahi-chuira (curd with beaten rice). Many tour operators organize a tour to farms this day to celebrate Nepali farming. Just google where the events are happening and join them ��
WHEN: June 30
WHERE: Farms around the valley (check tour operators’ sites)
PRICE: Varies