Eating out in Patan

Patan can be given the title of food heaven. Every alley will lead you to a food joint, always filled with local community members. And while Patan is famous for its typical Newar snacks, here are a few other options if you do not want the spicy chhoela-woh next time you are in Patan:

Nanda Mithai Bhandar, Ticchugalli 

Each city in the valley has its family of confectioners with skills passed down from generation to generation. In Patan, it’s the Rajkarnikars. Nanda Mithai Bhandar, started by Nanda Rajkarnikar in Ticchugalli, near Mangal bazaar, has been serving the public for three generations. Try their Jeri Swari, Lakhamari, and Nimki to have it with your cup of tea.

Jeri Swari from Nanda Mithai Bhandar, Ticchugalli

Jeri Swari

Shree Banglamukhi Mahabharat Swadista Momo, Lagankhel

While many know the famous Mahabharat momo of Patan Dhoka, their original branch in Langakhel is equally packed anytime you go. Hence, they will expect you to come, order, eat, and go as soon as you can to avoid their other customers from waiting. And yes, their jhol momo is very much worth the rush they make you go through. 

steaming plate of hot jhol momo
Jhol Momo 

Tibetan food at Solu Sherpa, Mahapal

Talking about momo, Solu Sherpa Khajaghar in Mahapal is all the young people’s favorite for Kothey momo, Soup momo, and Thukpa. Perfect during cold winter afternoons to warm oneself, this eatery is no less than heaven for those who love Tibetan food.

Kothey momo

Coffee, Tea and Me, Swotha

Coffee, Tea, and Me is not your usual Patan eatery, except that it is. A long room with an open kitchen gives you the local Newar snacks place, but that’s not on the menu. Instead, you will find western food like pork chops, sandwiches, and grilled fish, with a very Nepali twist. Maybe that is why the locals of Patan find themselves going to CTM for lunch and dinner.